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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cake Classes at Amore!

How can anyone not love Chocolate Banana Cake, Chilled Cheese Cake and Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese Topping?

Uber delicious!

a slice of chocolate banana cake with fresh banana slices, coffee flavoured fresh cream
and chocolate ganache all around the chocolate cake!

Ms Afiza, Ms Intan, Ms Adriana, Ms Amalina, Ms Asnita

Carrot Walnut Cake with a generous slab of Cream Cheese topping

The choco banana cake before it has been cut into slices

Chilled Cheese Cake with Blueberry Topping!

Chilled Cheese Cake with Chocolate Ganache marbleized on top

Cheers! :)

Wedding Cake and Hantaran

Agar-agar Cake as a hantaran for wedding, as requested by

Ms Asma' and Mr Khairul

The wedding cake

Amore e-Bake would like to wish this lovely couple

Selamat Pengantin Baru dan Semoga Kekal Hingga ke Akhir Hayat! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kids and Cupcakes

Icing mess and lovely faces. Juxtaposition that is indeed a happy sight once you put them both in a picture. Today at Amore, we welcome 10 lovely girls in a wonderful day of decorating chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing and piping jelly of various colours.

Aaisyah, Maisarah, Marissa, Kareena, Anis, Fakhira, Balqis, Nawal

All smiles with their respective favourite cupcakes

Concentrating hard on decorating their cupcakes for their mummy

Lovely Adik Farisa making flower decoration on her cupcake

The pleasant one,Adik Nawal, waiting patiently for other icing of different colours

The loveable Nawal and Fakhira from Lukut, Port Dickson

The cute little Kareena, the youngest of the lot and sweet Balqis, from Bukit Mahkota

The delightful sisters, Marissa and Maisarah - sweet in piNk :)

Active little Adik Aaisyah, from Dungun, and Adik Maisarah from TTDI

The lovely duo, Nina and Sara

Sweet Farisa, from Nilai

Adik Fakhira, so engrossed in her icing decoration

"Cikgu! Cikgu! Tengok saya buat ni,"

Interested in joining Amore School Holidays activities?
Keep a lookout on this blog on the next holidays! :)

To our valued friends and customers, Amore would like to wish you a very
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P/s: Amore e-Bake will be closed on the 1st and 2nd of January 2010.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Delectable Chocolates by the lovely team

Dated on the 15th of December 2009, on this very day, Amore e- Bake is proud to have all the lovely and adorable girls with us, in a joyful day making decadent chocolates.

From their smiles, one can say that they had so much fun, and for kids at such a tender age , they definitely have good teamwork skills. They co-operated well in the chocolate-making workshop. A total of 360 pieces of chocolates were made by them. They were taught the technique in melting the dark,milk & white chocolates as well as molding them into various shapes such as roses, digits, hearts, gifts, ice-creams and many many others.

Each of them went back with more than 30pcs of chocolates. Yum!

Lovely Balqis with Kak Long

Emylia from Melaka & Puteri from Johor

Lovely sibling Rashvini & Rashmeera,

"mum we made all of them! its so beautiful and yummy!"

Ina & Aliyah "wow Bestnya cikgu!"

Hafizah & Huda
"Look! I made these chocolates,! so colourful & sedap"

Nina & Sara
"Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it. Thanks mum"

Oreo cookies with white.milk & dark chocolate

Rashmeera, Nina,Sara,Rashvini, Balqis,Cikgu,Huda,Aliyah,Hafizah,Emlyia,Puteri,Ina

Chocolate with walnut,cashew nut,raisin and pattern transfer

All in action and enjoying every minute of it

Fantastic teamwork and such a joy to have all of you in Amore

Monday, December 14, 2009

All the way from Kuching,Sarawak

Amore e-Bake felt honoured today, as we welcome a lovely lady and her adorable daughter to the Amore family. Puan Gayah and her daughter Afiqah is very much welcomed here, and it is a delight for us at Amore, to have you both with us, baking cookies and cupcakes, as well as decorating them with royal icing, fondant, buttercream, piping jelly, and sugar image.
We just received a confirmation from them yesterday  that they can make it today, all the way from Kuching. Stayed over in a hotel in Petaling Jaya and came from PJ to Seremban by KTM.
'Thank You' Puan Gayah and Cik Afiqah for your trust in us and your support. We are glad that we can share with you.  
Cki Afiqah, Puan Gayah, Puan Adriana and Cik Afiza

A lovely mother and daughter team with all their edible art - cookies and cupcakes
Yes, we did it!!!
*click on the picture to take a closer look

Towering tier of gorgeous cupcakes
For all of you who lives in Kuching,Sarawak, you may start placing orders and this
team of mother-daughter will whip up something as amazing as this for you 

The wonderful array of various-shaped cookies

Wedding bells, wedding gowns, lips, hearts and many others

Pn Gayah and Pn Adriana

They look so adorable with their favourite cupcake,
muching away mmm it's so delicious, that they didn't put the cupcake down
till they finish every bit of it 

Hard at work - good teamwork ay?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pizza Class for Kids

10th of December 2009 is definitely a day to remember at Amore as the Italiano essence was brought to Amore, added with a tinge of local fusion - its got the 1Malaysia twist, with a Chinese cikgu, 1 Malay girl, 2 Celayu siblings (Cina-Melayu *non-existent however eccentric vocab) and 2 Indian girls. See what I mean? 

we bring you the whole package - them and the pizza(s)

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Pizza Marinara

Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

The dough throughout the process

*notice the heart-shaped,butterfly,& hello kitty pizza? aren't the kids really creative?

Just give them the right tools and preparation, they can get really creative

Donuts were also made on the day, bonus recipe for the kids

Chopping more pepperoni for the pizza topping

The lovely girls - from left Rashmeera, Nina, Wahidah from SBK and Rashvini

And the adorable boy, Adam

The siblings from SK Puteri - they look like as though 

doing this stuff comes natural to them, must've helped mummy in the kitchen a lot

Heart thumping, drumrolls...ready, steady and go......

Yeah mum! I did it!

Not only they learnt about baking, the kids were also taught on the

Power of the Mind and the Law of Attraction,

where if you believe in something, have faith in yourself that you Can do it,

you Will be able to do it.

Take Adam for example, he succesfully stood on eggs without breaking Any of them. 

Cikgu just attended a seminar by Prof Madya Dr Syed Mohd Shafeq Syed Mansor courtesy

of Jabatan Pertanian Negeri Sembilan at Port Dickson recently.

'Terima Kasih' to Jabatan Pertaniam Negeri Sembilan

It's time to 'Care and Share'

All smiles after a hard day's work

Click on the picture to take a closer look on the creative pizza, 

various shapes, hearts, masks, hello kitty, butterfly and others

Amore would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rashvini and Nina

for achieving straight A's in the UPSR exam.

Well done!

Next class for kids will be on the 15 Dec 2009 for Chocolate Making and

16 Dec 2009 for Cupcake Decorating