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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Recently, Amore welcomed 17 ladies all looking forward to join us in our Cupcake Baking and Decorating Class. we baked Moist Chocolate Cupcake and decorated them with various stuff, which include:-

Sugar Image
Buttercream Icing
Chocolate Ganache
Piping Gel

The ladies listening to Ms Adriana's lecture on various methods in cake
and cupcake decorating

Showing them what can each of the different icing tips
do - roses, shells, its endless!

Now its their turn to try it for themselves

Icing them with white buttercream icing as the base for the decoration

The cupcake baking session - everyone hovering and eager to partake

But of course, there is time for the camera - say cheese!

Ms Adriana explaining on the ingredients


Certificate presentation with Ms Adriana

Ms Zarina
" Hari ini, lepas dapat berjaya buat semua ni, saya.... speechless..."

Ms Zainab, fondly known as Kak Nab
"Thank you banyak2 kat Amore, hari ni datang kat sini, langsung tak buang masa"

Ms Zaharah from Rembau
" Saya rasa gembira sangat, sebelum ni hanya dapat tengok kat internet saje,
sekarang ni saya betul-betul dapat buat, kat sini"

Ms Suzana
" Hari ini saya dah gain banyak experience, nanti saya nak ada blog sendiri pulak"

Ms Susan
" I'm so happy to attend this Cupcake and Decorating Class. So grateful today, "I've made many new friends, gained experience. I hope to join in some other classes in future"

Ms Shiba
"I'm so....speechless. This is my first time"

Ms Rabihah from Muar
" Saya datang semata-mata untuk jumpa sifu Adriana, lepas ni kalau boleh nak jumpa
lagi. Saya interested nak masuk Wilton Course"

Ms Prema, lawyer as a profession, cupcake decorating as a newfound hobby
"I'd rather do this than go to the court. Seriously I'm even considering a change
in profession. Thank you for making me feel like a real woman today, I feel de-stressed
from all this fun"

Ms Mariana
"Rasa macam mimpi...."

Ms Lila
" This is amazing..."

Ms Kala
"All this new things that I can learn, so exciting!'

Ms Junaina from Subang Jaya
" Seronoknya dapat belajar something new"

Ms Jainun
"Excitednya! Tak tau nak cakap ape.."

Ms Azzilla

Ms Azwan
" Thank you so much for the knowledge that you have shared with us.
Looking forward for classes for my kids"

Ms Ayu
" Speechless.. dream came true.."

Group Photo! :)

Take a look at some of their cupcakes! :)

Fancy some "Fancy Cookies"?

To all sweet treat lovers and loves it even better with its crunchiness, you can find it all in this complete package of "Fancy Cookies".

And that is what these lovely ladies have enjoyed recently at Amore :)

Gorgeous fancy cookies decorated by the ladies

Lovely Ms Asnita, who is relatively new but has got an artistic flair
like any other who has been in the cake art for many years.
Glad to have you with us!

Gorgeous Ms Nora of redvelvetinc.blogspot.com .
Ms Nora here has been waiting for quite a while for this class and finally she got
to participate in it. Excited and bursting with energy, Ms Nora had created
many designs that screams " Oh my God, this lady is all ready to start taking orders and
selling them as well".

Ms Nora at work :)

Ms Kala and her pretty in pink-yellow-purple-white cookies :)
Ms Kala has just started in the art in baking and decorating,
and really, she's been soaring beyond expectations!

Some of their lovely designs :-

They don't just look great, they taste great too!
Hazelnut crunchy cookie YUM! :)

Cheers! :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chocolate Class with adorable Laila

Not too long ago, Amore welcomed the lovely adik Laila, daughter of the
gorgeous Ms Nora
of redvelvetinc.blogspot.com

Little chocolate eggs in lovely colours

Adik Laila smiling with her container of yummylicious chocolates!

"Yummm... Sedapnyaa! :)"

Ms Nora, Adik Laila and Ms Adriana

Want to make some of your own?

Call o17-2652636 (Adriana) and we can make your dream come true!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Recently at Amore, we had a few lovely ladies with us, making chocolate pralines from chocolate couverture. Superbly delicious!

Cheerful Kak Mainon

Lovely adorable Cikgu Kala

"Look Abi all this for you..."

The sweet Kak Mariany

Lovely Kak Fazilah ....

The lovely ladies striking a pose

To our lovely husbands "See dear, these are for you~"

Now you too, can bring home these boxes of lovely chocolates!
Just join us at Amore :)

Chocolates of various shapes

Call us now! 017-2652636 (Adriana)