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At Amore, one may find almost any sort of baking ingredients and tools to their needs. Even classes are conducted here, like pastry classes, chocolate-making classes, bread-making classes, the wonderful Agar-agar Magic classes, and the famous Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Courses.

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Kindly register as soon as possible, limited places available, especially HANDS-ON classes.

Payment of a minimum of RM20.00 is required as a

deposit for demo classes only.

For Hands-On classes, a deposit of RM 50.00 is required to secure a place.

For Wilton Cake Decorating Courses AND Chocolate Class, a deposit of RM 350.00 AND RM 100.00 is required respectively to secure a seat.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day Special


3.00pm - 5.00pm

For RM 10.00 ONLY!

Assorted Desserts
Caramel Pudding
Special Pudding in Cups

Pancakes & Waffles
Homemade Healthy Waffles
Healthy Pancakes

Ice Blended Drink
Bubble Milk Tea
Milk Shake
Ice Dessert

Come join us! Call 017-2652636 :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Dear Member of the Amore Family,

We are sorry to inform you that we will be closed on the 1st of May 2010.
It's labour day, take a break!

p/s: we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Amore e-Bake

What's new at Amore?

Kenwood K-Mix, special offer at Amore!
Come and check it out!
Special price for Members of Amore Family!

Oreo Chocolate Mold

Heart pattern

Floral Pattern

Sugar image, great for oreo choc mold!
Kids would love it!

Fondant Decorating Class

Fondant decorated cakes are excellent as it doesn't just beautifies the cake,
it retains the moisture of the cake,
keeping the taste intact and as fresh as possible.

And here the ladies too, want to achieve this skill of
being able to do both, mainly out of passion.

Here we have the jovial Dr Priya, with her embroidery cake,
she achieved the "white dream" cake with ideas
that just kept pouring.

Ms Rafidah, a teacher form Lukut.
Quite new to the cake industry, she showed perseverance and a never-say-die
attitude throughout her pursuit in covering her cake with fondant.
Her determination is very much admired.

Ms Sarah here is a very quick learner, she's able to grasp the
techniques really swiflty.
And now we're happy and looking forward to see her in our next
Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 1
on the 9th and 15th of May 2010.

Smiling for the camera? Nope, that's a smile of true joy
and excitement for being able to complete their first fondant cake!

And yes, let's take a look at them "at work".

Ms Priya

Ms Sarah

Ms Rafidah

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tart Class

Recently, we had 4 lovely ladies with us in out tart class.
We made:-

Blueberry Crumble Tart
Chocolate Tart
Fruit Tart
Coconut Tart
Cheese Tart

And here we have....

Ms Siti Ramlah

Ms Rozana

Ms Hadila

Ms Rozana, Ms Hadila, Ms Adriana, Ms Kala, Ms Siti

(an error occured during Ms Kala's photo upload, and we will
continue to try our best to battle with the neverending "system error"

Tarts anyone?

Scrumptious Cheese Tart

Perfect for tea-time occasions

Keep it healthy with fresh fruits

Now don't you just want to have it in your mouth right now?

The ladies at work :-

Arranging the fruits on the fruit tart

Do it right - teamwork style

Ms Adriana guiding the ladies

Want to be a part of all these?
Call 017-2652636 (Adriana)

Cheers :)

Cake Class with Chef Akma

Recently we had Chef Akma with us at Amore, conducting a demo class on :-





The ladies listening attentively

Group photo of everyone present

In the process

One of the final results

Up close

We apologise for the very few photos uploaded as there have been some error that
occured in our system.

Rolling with the food of love : Chocolates!

Their love for chocolates had led these ladies to Amore. Here at Amore,
together we dived in an awesome adventure rolling about with chocolates.

Ms Yong Feei Min
She's works with On Semiconductor.
Her comment -
"Good, enjoyable, and exciting class. Looking forward to spend more time here"

Ms Siti Ramlah
She's been with us for quite a number of classes already.
Its great to have you here :)

The ladies with Ms Adriana

Ms Siti Ramlah suggested some interesting ways in beautifying the chocolates,
tested by Ms Adriana, voila!- Golden Chocolate! :)

The lot - oreo chocolates, chocolate lollipops,
nutty chocolates, blueberry pralines, minty dark chocolate,
Golden Chocolate and heaps more :)

You too can bring back boxes of these delicious chocolates,
just call us at Amore 017-2652636 (Adriana)

Cheers :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Class with Mastr Andy Tan

Recently Amore welcomed Mr Andy Tan Tee Long of Tan See Fong, where he
conducted a 2-days workshop "Unique Cake Decorating Class"

Thats Mr Andy Tan on the right

The ladies focusing on his teaching

Mr Andy Tan and Ms Gayah

Ms Joanne, assistant and wife to Mr Andy Tan,
with Ms Juliza Ghalib

Ms Siti, Ms Noraini, Ms Joanne and Ms Ita

The adorable Ms Gayah, who flew all the way from Sarawak
on a 6am flight to participate in this class.
Now that's commitment.

Ms Noraini, a quick learner,
always cheerful in class

Ms Ita, heard of this class from her friend Ms Noraini.
Welcome to the family :)

Ms Siti, a very nice and soft-spoken lady.
Glad to have you with us :)

Ms Juliza Ghalib, a wonderful member of the Amore
family. She's been with us for the Wilton Classes
and many other things.
Glad to have you with us :)

Ms Amalina. She has been with us ever since the
beginning of Amore e-Bake.
She is currently studying.

Photos of few styles that they had learnt
and where we would like to share with our fellow readers.

All these decoration are made purely from whipping cream.

Leaves using the Magic Knife by Tan See Fong

Making "swan tail" like design around the cake

The beautiful designs at the sides

This design is great especially for fruit flans
with an array of fresh fruits

Ladder-like design, a very interesting geometrical design
on a fresh-fruit cake, very authentic

Another interesting geometrical design with

We personally call it the "skirty flirty" design

Master Andy Tan showing them how to "lift" the whipped cream skirt

Congratulations Ms Siti

Well done Ms Noraini

Hats off to Ms Anita

Felicitations to you Ms Gayah

Way to go Ms Juliza

Cheers Ms Amalina

All in all, it was an awesome class!