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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Agar-Agar Magic!

Ms Parimala who came all the way from Kuantan, she is an English Language teacher
currently teaching at SMK Cenderewasih in Kuantan. Baking is her passion, and she loves the
art in making and decorating beautiful cakes.

Ms Kala here is also a teacher, fondly known as Teacher Kala. She loves to learn to bake
and enjoys being a part of the Amore family.
"Thank you teacher!"

We look forward to see you this weekend (26/6) on the fondant workshop.

Niece and Aunt working together :)

Ms Parimala's beautiful creation.

Ms Kala's amazing creation.

Smile for the camera! :)

Interested in learning? Call 017-2652636 now! :)

Cheers! :)



Candy cake for a customer's first princess.
"Its not just the prefect amazing centrepiece for the party, it tasted delicious!"
Happy First Birthday Adik Leeya! :)

Red agar-agar order.


Selamat Pengantin Baru Hasliza dan Zubir

Untuk pasangan Raja Sehari.

Birthday cake for Amalina, made and decorated by her whole family.
Happy 19th Birthday Amalina!

Kids Class at Amore!

On one of the days during the recent school holiday, Amore welcomed 14 adorable kids
in our "Cupcake Decoration Workshop for Kids"

Must we say, it was a yummy and exciting experience, indeed a fresh
change from having adults around to having kids.
Their constant chatter and cheerfulness made the atmosphere simply entertaining.

Never underestimate the creativity of little kids and be prepared to be stunned
by their ideas! :)

Here are some pictures that we've managed to snap as everyone's hands were
busy decorating away.

Adorable sister Huda and Haidah. At the tender age of 10 and 8, they are
both young entrepreneurs, making chocolates and selling them to friends.
We predict a successful future for these two girls.

Delightful adik Amanda and Ainin.

Loveable adik Erina.

The happy go luck sisters Nishana and Sharmin.

Cute adik Izzati

Lovely Ain. Her pleasant demeanor makes us
very comfortable to have her around, and we look forward to seeing you again.

Sweet adik Laila. She's the daughter of Nora, of redvelvetinc.blogspot.com
(click here) "Manis betul budak ni" commented one of our Amore family members.
Ms Nora bakes amazing red velvet cakes and cupcakes, and of you wish to savour it, do check out her blog and see her wonderful creations yourself :)

The amusing adik Ian. He entertains un with his hilarious antics and made us
laugh through the workshop. Such a happy and jovial kid.

Handsome adik Ahmad. This young boy here is quite talented.
He too, is the son of Nora of redvelvetinc.blogspot.com.

Here you can see Cikgu Adriana teaching them the power of mindset.
Of you've set in your mind that you can stand on the eggs without breaking any of them,

Demonstrated by Cikgu Adriana.

Seven year old adik Hamani was succesfull in undertaking this feat!

The kids smiling with the cupcakes that they've decorated :)

In no particular order: Qistina, Ainnur, Ainin, Amanda, Huda, Haidah, Laila, Ahmad Syafi,
Ian, Nishana, Sharmin, Erina, Airina, Izzati.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cupcake Class June

Recently, we had a Cupcake Baking and Decorating workshop at Amore, and here we would like to visually share the fun that we've had the other day.

Participants all huddled for a group shot, as memories,
good ones especially, are to be kept and sealed :)

Here are some closer snapshots of us on the fun-filled day! :)

Here are some testimonials that we would like to share with our dear readers :)

By Ms Miza Omar

" Nor (is a) very nice person, not stingy in sharing her knowledge. Class (is)
with full of fun and lots of love"

Ms Miza Omar also sells rempah ratus in Ampangan, Seremban
are. Feel free to contact her if you need any.

By Ms Siti Rahasma

"Thank you so much Mdm Adriana for your lovely lesson"

check out her blog at seymacraft.blogspot.com

By Ms Kelly

"I feel happy today, because I learn a lot of new knowledge about baking
and cake decoration. I enjoy this class. Thank you teacher! "

By Ms Yong Feei Min

"I am Yong, this is my second class. I enjoyed the time and lesson
learnt here and want to learn more about cake decorating, baking is my passion!"

By Mr Chee Kong

"Can't wait to come back for the next class"

By Mr Raymond Gan

" Dear Adriana, thank you for providing such enriching cupcake baking lesson.
I have learned a lot of cupcake baking techniques today. My interest in making cupcakes
has increased during the class.
Looking forward to participate in the potential useful baking classes by Adriana
in the future. have a nice day and may God bless you"

By Ms Joanne

"Thank you for today's workshop, you make me realised that it is not hard to
bake and decorate cupcakes! What a fun time I have had at Amore :)

Thanks for everything, I really enjoyed myself today! Hopefully I can
make excellent + delicious cupcakes in the near future :)
All the best!"

A shot of everyone at work

If any of you out there is interested in taking up this class, check out our
timetable :)

Cheers! :)