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Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Else is Love?

What could be a greater love, than sharing some joy whilst getting involved in charity?

Love does not have to be sending dozens of roses or boxes of chocolates, instead, love is all about doing something for someone whom you love and care for so much, with all your heart, from the bottom of it. Really.

That's what its all about, and that's what a group of people, kind-hearted people I must say, had put in a great deal of effort today ( 14th of February 2009, n hey, its Valentine's! ). And the results, voila! - behold...

amazing, even for beginners

We are really proud of these the participants :-

Pn Hajah Jamaliah Bt Ahmad
Pn Norbaya Bt Dullah
Pn Seo Kem Len
Pn Nurul Nadia t Abdullah
Pn Basariah Bt Asaari
Pn Kamsaini Bt Mohd Ali
Pn Siti Nazrah Bt Ahmad
Cik Nur Amirah Zafrullah
Pn Lizawati Bt Ali Kutty
Cik Shakinah Saad
Pn Hartini Sairin
Pn Umi Kalsom

who had participated in the Charity Cupcake Decorating workshop conducted by Chef Haji Fauzi Yong at Amore e-Bake.

With great diligence and heart of pure love, they had worked hard
( full-heartedly ) to bake Peanut Butter cupcakes which was scrumptiously
delicious and finger-licking good Moist Chocolate cupcakes. To top it all,
they had decorated 10 cucpcakes with various designs taught by the
dedicated Chef Haji Fauzi Yong.

PDK Curahan Kasih, Port Dickson - a centre dedicated to train special people with special needs, to prepare them for the working world someday, where they can work just like the others, and hopefully, even better. The members of the centre had recently gone through training to make chocolate chips under the guidance of Chef Haji Fauzi Yong and Pn Nur Adriana Wong Abdullah. The product - Champs Chocolate Chips Cookies are simply marvellous, and the packaging is eye-cacthing too. But alas, even good things have glitches in the perils of achieving success. The centre is in devoid of a mixer and an oven.

Thus, a fund was set, to raise a significant amount of money to buy those items.
Chef Haji Fauzi Yong and Pn Nur Adriana Wong of Amore e-Bake had join forces in making their dreams come true.

The proceeds of the money from the Charity Cupcake Decorating Workshop are put into the fund.

Pn Zaiton Abd Ghani and Pn Nor Fazilah Alias had also contributed a significant amount of donation for the PDK Curahan Kasih fund.

Wonderful news to be shared here. The fruits of labour for today's hardwork has amounted to RM 1270.00 . Say, not bad for a day one eh?

Latest update : total collected RM1352 from Ms.Rosmawati & Ms Ija. The following was delivered to PDK Curahan Kasih PD on the 3rd March 2009.

1. Bakery Mixer 3.5kg from CKE - Berjaya Stell

2. 40 plastic containers & a box of oval shape containers

3. 10 Chef hats, 02 oven mitten, 5 boxes of plastic gloves

Lots of Love.

Love, is sharing and caring.


nina said...

Kudos......May God bless all of you. Keep up the good work Amore e-Bake

zaitgha said...

welcome to blogspot...and yes kudos to all of you who made the effort...will hand mixer be enough for time being?

zaitgha said...

forgot to say this earlier...will link this blog to mine....

amoreseremban said...

TQ sis, for your kind support in linking this blog & supporting us. We are shopping for a commercial mixer 1st. Hopefully we can get more fund in future for the oven.