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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cupcake Pandemonium (pun intended)

On the 6th of February 2010, 17 gorgeous ladies went home wiser on matters pertaining to cupcakes, and not just that, they each went home with a box of Wilton Cupcake Cake Decorating set and 12 pcs of cupcakes decorated with Fondant, Buttercream, pipng Jelly, Chocolate Ganache and Edible Sugar Image.

Flaunting their Wilton set

Step-by-step, do it right and it'll take you a loooong way

Now let us introduce to you readers; the ladies!

Zuraini Zakaria

A housewife who had quite recently grew a liking towards
cake deco and such, and improving at an exceptionally well rate. True to the words: its never too late to start a hobby, its never too late for anything!

Sharina Sharifuddin

Pn Zuraini's lovely daughter, she too had started picking up this hobby at the same
time as her mother did, and together they go to great lengths. She had just completed her degree.

Mother and daughter team

Shaime Zurina

This is her first time dabbling with cupcakes and icing, and despite being her first time
handling sugar, flour and icing, she did well!
She's with SWM Environment, Oakland.

Shahirah Loqman

Ms Shahira here is currently waiting for her SPM results, previously was in SMK Bukit Kepayang.
Armed with her Digital SLR camera,
she clicked away snapping pictures of pretty cupcakes, hers included :)

Salmah Rais

Art and craft is her forte, she enjoys sewing curtains and embroideries else than her
newfound talent in cake decorating

Nurul Marliana

Ms Marliana's artwork is indeed relatively neater than the lot,
must be the stable hands of an engineer ay? Currently she's working as a
Consultant Engineer in Oakland

Nurlesya Firsya

Lovely Ms Nurlesya here is a very pleasant and fine lady. Her talent is spectacular!
Currently she is working at HSBC Cyberjaya

Noraini Abu Kudus

Ms Noraini here is a very keen lady, willing to learn at every oppportunity,
this is the spirit that Amore absolutely loves, there's never an end to learning new things
Currently she is working at CIMB Seremban 2.

Nora Rashid

Ms Nora is a very successful entrepreneur, not too long after she had dabbled in the art of baking and decorating, orders have been flowing in for this lady, Alhamdulillah..
Visit her blog redvelvetinc.blogspot.com or click here and see her amazing works.

Nor Jannah

Ms Jannah is a very refined and well-mannered lady.Despite being her first time in doing all these, her colourful cupcakes
are absolutely wonderful!
She is a lecturer at KUSI college, Bangi.


Fondly known as Vee, she is a very meticulous person, every stroke of her piping bag is
done ever so carefully to ensure that the buttercream forms as how it should.
Her cupcakes are absolutely remarkable!

She is working as a nurse at Hospital PD.

Noor Ellyanie

Fondly known as Nanie, she is currently waiting for her SPM results at SMK S2.
A very jovial young lady, her cupcakes are adorable, reflecting her young and bubbly personality.

Dayang Qurratu 'Aini

Now few of you might remember her in our previous post on "Chocolate Class at Amore"
Ms Qurratu is a very enthusiastic learner, she loves learning new stuff and not just that, she diligently practices at home. She too, is currently waiting for her SPM results, previously from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Puteri.

Testimonial from our lovely Qurratu':

" Assalamualaikum.. Aunty, I just want to thank you 4 teaching me how to make the cupcakes..
My family said the cupcakes was fantastic! Thank you so much aunty Adriana! Luv u! :-)"

Nurhaniza Mohamad

Ms Nurhaniza is such a pleasant and willing person, always looking forward to new things that can be learnt. Everytime Chef Adriana introduces a new decorating method, she listens attentively.
Currently she is working with WM Environement, Kuala Pilah.

Zalina Muhammad Tahir

It may be her first time, but her cupcakes are simply gorgeous!
Currently she is working with Nilai Alps Electronics.

Nur Azura

This lovely lady's cupcakes were absolutely dazzling, the colour mixture and
creative use of incorporating piping jelly with buttercream icing is certainly unique.
Currently she is working with Kementerian Pelancongan, KL.

Marina Othman

Ms Marina here is a very pleasurable lady, it is a delight to have her
here at Amore. Her cupcakes were utterly gorgeous as well, amazing indeed for a first time.

She works with Bursa Saham Malaysia.


This day could not have materialize and go on smoothly without the help
of Ms Nancy Lew from ICCA who had gone all her way out to get for us the Wilton tools sets.
Thanks to her, all the students got a set of fantastic Wilton decorating set.

Kudos Nancy Lew :)
You made a difference.
Gong xi fa chai to you lovely lady, and to the rest of Amore family
who celebrates Chinese New Year.


Next Cupcake Class will be on the 27th of March 2010


Some snapshots of the cupcakes that we've managed to capture

Thank you ladies for making it happen! :)

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