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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wilton Course 1 15/05/2010

Look at these lovely creations.
Aren't they gorgeous?

On the 9th and 15th of May 2010, Wilton Method of Cake Decorating
Course 1 was held at Amore e-Bake.

Congratulations to these ladies and gentleman as they had successfully graduated in Course 1!

Ms Malini
Ms Emelliya
Ms Azliezah
Ms Ikha (Zaliha)
Mr Cheong Chee Kong
Ms Fazlin
Ms Jaharah
Ms Sarah
Ms Kalavanei

Ms Malini

Ms Emeliyya

Ms Azliezah

Ms Ikha (Zulaiha)

Mr Chee Kong

Ms Fazlin

Ms Jaharah

Ms Sarah

Ms Kalavanei

We are indeed very proud of all of you, and are very honoured
to have you here with us.
Welcome to the Amore family.

Now let's take a look at their graduation cakes.

Ms Azliezah's

Ms Kalavanei's

Ms Ikha's

Ms Jaharah's

Ms Sarah's

Ms Emelliya's

Ms Malini's

Ms Fazlin's

Mr Chee Kong's

Now let's take a peek of them at work, shall we?

Last but not least, the sought-after certificates!

Currently Ms Fazlin is working at Cyberjaya.
She has a great interest in baking and decorating, and her passion
for it had led her to this very day.

"Amore banyak membantu saya dan saya sangat gembira dengan pencapaian saya hari ini"

Ms Emelliya is currently working at IPD Seremban and staying at
Park Avenue Seremban 2.

"Baking is a passion and a platform to express my creativity. So, for all Seremban 2-ians yang nak order cake, cupcakes, chocolates and etc, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you so much to Kak Nor and the Amore Family for making my dream come true.. thanks again."

Ms Kalavanei, a teacher at Lukut.
She has been with us for quite a number of classes already.
" Thank you, Teacher. Hope to meet you again,"
We will be joining us for the Cakes workshop on the 10/06/10

Ms Ikha
from Putrajaya who is currently attached with KLM " Thank you for the wonderful day with sweet people. With Luv, Ikha"

Ms Jaharah

Ms Jaharah is an aspiring businesswoman, currently she's dabbling
in the business of frozen food and tradisional desserts.
If you're interested in ordering or learning the how-tos,
well, you know where to go now :)

Ms Sarah here is an excellent baker.She makes
awesome fruit cakes, pineapple tarts and cheesecakes, for which the latter
she enjoys making them very much.

If you're interested in ordering from this gorgeous young lady,
email her at sarahfadhil87@gmail.com

"Really enjoyed the class and looking forward for the next class"

Mr Chee Kong here is an accountant based in KL.
Baking and decorating is his newfound passion.

"A fantastic cake decoration course for a beginner like myself. Had a wonderful time!"

Ms Malini here is an in-demand bridal artist.
After her session with us at Amore, she quickly rushed off
for a wedding.

That is how busy this hardworking lady is.
Need a make-up artist that could possibly come up with an awesome cake
for your wedding?
You know who to call :)

Ms Lieza Ali from Seremban is currently attached to KLM
and she bakes lovely cheese cake and tarts.

Visit her blog here.

Thanks a lot to Ms Adriana @ Amore e-Bake and her daughters for an enjoyable and fantastic cake decoration class. Can't wait for the next class, and (I) wanna graduate in Wilton Course. And to all the participants, you're very sporting and happening!!! Love you and see you in the next class..

With love, Muahhh.. Lieza"

The lot posing with lovely tulips all the way from Holland
courtesy of Ms Lieza Ali for Mother's Day.

Thank you Ms Lieza for being so thoughtful.

Say Cheese! :)

Next Class Wilton Course 2 will be on July 3rd and 10th 2010.

See you!

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