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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fondant Decorating Class at Amore!

Recently at Amore, we welcomed 1o ladies and a gentleman to our Fondant Decorating Class. From wrapping a cake with fondant to making beautiful sugar flowers and lovely patterns for the cake, this batch of diligent students have successfully completed the course and are now ready to take up orders! So to those interested in getting lovely fondant decorated cakes, scroll down for samples and the who(s) to order from.

The group with Ms Adriana, posing for a group photo

Now let's begin with the on-the-go photos, ay?

Now for the individual photos :

Cheong Chee Kong. He had completed Wilton Course 1, Cupcake Baking and Deco workshop,
Carrot Walnut and Marble Cheesecake Class,
and now Fondant Deco Workshop. He is well on his way
to become an excellent baker and decorator.
See you in Wilton Course 2!
(on the 24th and 31st of July)

Munirah Mustafa is a proud mother of 3 adorable sons
She's working with SAINS Rembau.
A new member of the Amore family, we're happy to have you here,
and see you next in our Cupcake Baking and Deco workshop.

The cute Ms Emelliya here is adorably smiling with a two tiers cake.
It is a combination of Chee Kong's and hers.
Top tier being CK's and bottom hers.
She wants to learn how to stack a cake, and here
at Amore, we will try our best to accommodate
our students' desire in inquiring new knowledge.

Ms Nor Hanan Hassan. She first joined us in the Cupcake Baking and Deco workshop.
A proud mother of 2 girls, she is currently working with a Japanese company in
Senawang. Baking and decorating are her newfound passion ad she plans
to expand her interest and gain more knowledge on it.
We're more than happy to assist you in spreading your wings.

This is Ms Yusnellie Rahmat's first time dabbling in the art of
fondant decorating, and we must say this, she's a natural at it!
And we are so proud of her.
Well done Yusnellie! :)

Ms Siti Nurazrina here will be joining us in our Cupcake Baking and Decorating
workshop. This lovely young lady is currently taking up Business Administration
at University Malaya.

Working at Baitumal Bahau, Ms Julieana is a passionate baker
and is now keen on learning the art of fondant decorating.
She is a proud mother of a 9 months-old son.

Ms May Chin here is a diligent student, having great interest
in the art of fondant decorating. She is working as a tour guide and
takes up cake baking and decorating as her favourite pastime.

This very talented Ms Kalavanei here has been with us since
Tart Classes,
Cupcake Baking and Deco,
Wilton Course 1,
Agar-agar Magic, now Fondant Deco
and sooooon, Wilton Course 2!
Awesome ay?
Looking forward to seeing you soon Kala! :)

Lovely Ms Roha here is a proud mother of 3 girls. She is so delighted
to be able to beautifully decorate her own cake and we are happy
that we have worked together to make it happen :)

Ms Habibah here is attached to JKR Rembau. She is passionate baker
and quite recently dabbled in fondant decorating.
Pleased to have you with us :)

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